Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bueller Da Don - "Love Games" feat. Mike-O

I've heard it's "cuffin' season." Sooo... that would sort of explain this more pensive romantic side of Bueller Da Don. I mean... timing is everything, right?

I kid.

One of my favorite indie artists working right now is just getting more creative, more daring and more confident with each release. This new single, "Love Games" is no different. It's dramatic and airy. Keeping in line with the last release, "Groundhog Day."

Every smoothed out crossover record needs an R&B crooner and Bueller signs on newcomer Mike-O for the job. Mike-O delivers and adds a perfect hook and harmonies to the song. Nothing overdone but definitely showing genuine ability. I'd definitely be interested to hear him deliver a full performance.

Check out the video and stream, it will have you singing the hook in no time.

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