Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Olympics

The finest display of the power of the human spirit on Earth. I've been watching ALL day and I just can't turn the TV off. No matter what event is on, I'm glued to the TV watching these Olympians give their all to their respective sports.

I almost lost my mind when Michael Phelps smashed his own world record in the 400 meter individual medley. Then not long after that, Stephanie Rice and Kirsty Coventry both smash the world record in the same event! I can't imagine beating the world record time and still coming in 2nd place. That must have really hurt.

It gives me so much energy and hope watching these games. I hope you are all enjoying the events as much as I am.

1 comment:

Diego said...

Sorry to dissapoint, but due to all the sideshows going on with these Olympics, I will not be tuning in.

It sucks that the athletes have to share the world's attention with CRAP.