Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have worked at a supermarket for a while now. It will be a year on Sept. 6th. Dealing with so many types of customers, none of them ever truly stuck out until today. A man average build with a beard and long hair, short running shorts, and a white t-shirt. The t-shirt had LB stamped on the upper right hand corner, initials of the elementary school I went to from 4th to 5th grade. I looked at him thinking is that my old gym teacher? As he passed me he says, "I know I look weird but you don't have to stare." I was shocked! I felt so bad. My tongue was literally in my stomach. I couldn't believe he thought I was judging him. I couldn't speak; I had nothing to say as he was already passed me. I went back to scanning the rest of the items on the belt, processing what had just happened.

As I sit here one of my favorite feelings is being comfortable. Comfortable saying or doing anything silly/dumb in front of people you know won't judge you. I just hope he's not thinking back and saying, "Do I really look weird? Should I cut this hair or shave this beard?" No you shouldn't sir. Do you.


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