Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's been up on my end..

... as some of you might have noticed, i did sell some of my higher valued shoes in the near past.

You might have thought:
"Why the fk does he sell them?"

Well, here is the answere:
I tried to reduce the collection to what I really like and wear.
Getting rid of all the stuff that has been tried on or at max. been worn 1-2 times and been locked in the boxes since.

Some are gone now, some are gonna get sold sooner or later.

Plus it gives you a nice little cashflow ;)

So i re-structured my spendings a little bit...
See the pics ;)

I hope everyone is fine.

If you want, drop me an email to ch.westermeyer @


If you know someone who wants to buy some MTV YO! Raps Clyde (Pink ones) in a 14...
let me know!

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