Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ain't Got No Soul

The feeling is gone.  I was sitting at home watching the NBA All-Star game skill events and I would have much better spent my time reading, playing a game or listening to music.  Each event was entirely devoid of any kind of excitement and just seemed like one big ho-hum party thrown by a bunch of snobs.  It was truly pathetic in every way.

Maybe it's the altered mind state caused by the economic climate?  Was it a result of the morose aftertaste left by the disaster in Haiti?  I'm certain those things affect the overall feel in some ways but I think it's predominantly that everything is soulless.

Raw emotion has taken a backseat to spectacle.  Celebrity today is just the duty of selling products.  Popular music is just a shell of what human expression through sound used to be.  It's all empty.  Of course, this is not news.  However, I was a bit taken aback by how obvious it was made by tonights events.  All of the history, all of the celebrity, all of the advertising, all of the didn't equate to a real experience. 

We need more soul.  

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