Sunday, April 4, 2010

21 Mercer - Stickball Tournament

Nike flexed their monetary might to put on a stickball tournament in from of the 21 Mercer Nike Sportswear store.  They shut the street down between Howard and Grand streets on the most beautiful day of 2010 so far.  It was up to 80 degrees at one point and the sights, sounds and smells of summer were in full effect. The people on the street grooved to the music selected by the events DJ, the legendary, Q-Tip.  For those who needed a drink, there was an open bar inside the store until 6 pm.


Q-Tip poses with a fan

After the completion of the tournament, the store was briefly closed for cleanup/setup and reopened at 7:30 for a Q&A session. 

Championship Trophy

The championship trophy was handed out to the winning team just before sunset and all was right with the world on Mercer street.  I snapped a few more pics as I downed a root beer and headed back north for some much needed sleep.


Old School vs New School

Down on the Street

The Finale

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