Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blak Republik - All Blak Everything

Brooklyn boutique and barber shop As You Like and their in-house clothing line called Blak Republik are introducing their clientèle to a whole new take on Black biker fashion.  It's high fashion meets Harley-Davidson.  Black chrome jewelry.  Louis Vuitton sneakers.  Rock & Republic jeans.  Cartier sunglasses.  Cruisers and Choppers. This is the Blak Republik lifestyle.

The shop celebrated it's grand opening just 3 short weeks ago.  One would never guess that judging by the foot traffic.  There were customers in and out constantly during my time at the shop.  Whether stopping in for a haircut, a pair of sneakers or Blak Republik clothing, there was a common theme amongst all visitors; "I need to get fly for the weekend."

In true Black barbershop tradition, the staff at As You Like play several roles to their customers.  Sit in the shops leather barber's chairs and let your barber be your stylist, confidant and counselor.  It's a history of Black male interaction that is storied, varied and most importantly, essential.

The Blak Republik crew brought out their big boys and big toys for the cameras.  It was all Blak everything on Ralph avenue.  It got to a point where traffic was stopping and the police began to pass through the area.  Fortunately, we were able to work without disturbance.

As You Like and the Blak Republik brand seem to be really taking off.  Their unique take on street/biker fashion is certain to turn heads when they are out and about.  Hell, the bikes alone will stop you in your tracks.  If you're out in the area definitely drop by and check out the shop.  The staff is great and the store is very inviting.  Jump over to my flickr for more photos.

As You Like
160 Ralph Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Mon. - Thu. 10 am to 7 pm
Fri. and Sat. 8 am to 8 pm

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