Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fat Beats

Fat Beats has been a Hip-Hop staple in New York city over the last 16 years.  Unfortunately, the digital age has forced the record shop to close it's final storefront's doors for good.  Fat Beats as a company is still in business thankfully and those who still need their vinyl fix can find them at

The last week of face to face business was highlighted by in-store performances from some of the stores long standing friends.  I went out for Friday's performances/appearances by by Brown Bag All-Stars, Tonedeff, PackFM, J Live, Masta Ace and others.

The small store was very crowded and hot beyond belief but fans stuck it out for the love of Hip-Hop and what Fat Beats has meant to the Hip-Hop community.  It was cool seeing all of the regular patrons, fans and people just drawn in by the crowd vibing to the music and energy.

Today marked the final performances and there were some major names scheduled to show up, including DJ Premier and Just Blaze.  I opted out of going downtown again to catch them.  I never frequented Fat Beats but I've been to the store several times and it was always a very unique and classic energy in the building.  I hate to see stores like this close.  These types of establishments embody the heart and soul of our culture. 

Check out a few pics of the performances...

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