Sunday, October 10, 2010

NYOil - "Race Traitor" Video

The beauty of a personal blog is that I have the freedom to do and express whatever I want. I don't have to conform to any corporate ideas, themes or objectives. The only bottom line I have is that I express myself completely. This is one of those instances where I need that freedom. Otherwise, a post like this wouldn't see the light of day. That's an unfortunate truth because there are many who need to know that there are people thinking deeply and critically about our condition and are willing to ACT to affect change.

NYOil is NYC area rapper that takes the same approach with his music. The independent Petroleum Empire Music Group (P.E.M.G.) is the home of NYOil and some of the most socially conscious and lyrically astute music anywhere in the industry. Signed to Babygrande Records in 2009, NYOil released 'Hood Treason'. The double disc set is an incredible collection of rugged and raw rap with a message. A word of caution to the scores of lost souls in our community. Songs like "Y'all Should All Get Lynched" and "What Up My Wigger Wigger" are just as brash as they sound, but the truth is often not easy to digest.

In the same in your face tradition as the afore mentioned tracks, NYOil just released the video for "Race Traitor". Apparently a single from his forthcoming 'Jackin' For Beats' mixtape. This is Hip-Hop for preservation. This is not for the faint of heart, the meek or the scared.

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