Monday, November 15, 2010

SoSoon - The Bandwagon is an expression of Hip-Hop as fine art. If this blog had a soundtrack, SoSoon's 'The Bandwagon' would be it. The self proclaimed "Spike Lee of Hip-Hop" has directed a musical film of epic proportions without the convoluted climax scene typical of Spike's work. Nay, this is clear and concise communication set to a truly unique sound tailored to SoSoon's silky smooth delivery and incredible story telling skill.

The 13 track debut album is chock full of "Yo, rewind that!" moments, bangin' beats and top notch lyricism. The album takes you through the club, unhealthy relationships, self reflection and social commentary seamlessly. This isn't just the standard industry fare "1 of each" approach to album making. This is the total expression of a young man discovering himself, his sound and his future. He explains his poor spending habits on "Blowing Money". He tells of his infatuation with a love that wasn't meant to be on "Forbidden Fruit". Of course, he warns would be challengers of his lyrical prowess on the Michael Jackson sampled "Who's Bad?" 

Where this album really takes off and truly separates SoSoon from the pack is on the incredibly insightful and honest "The Underclass". The artist forces you to stop and reflect on the people that keep New York City running over a wonderfully produced track powered by a spacey Rhodes and soupy bass line. It makes me wish I had a record label.  I'd sign this dude immediately after hearing this song. This isn't just the work of a rapper. This is the work of a visionary.
Stream the album below but SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS and buy this album! This will be the best money you spend this week. I promise.

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