Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pardon My Fresh presents "The Day After"

This EP release from Pardon My Fresh Music Group is a post Valentine's day ode to jilted lovers everywhere. With titles like "Stupid Cupid" and "Cupid Must Die", you'd think this is a soundtrack to the Haters' Ball. It's not that at all though. 'The Day After' is a collection of stories about love in all of it's raw and unpleasant moments as well as the flighty and fanciful ones. 
The bulk of the production is handled by in-house producer and Beyond This Point band member Mylon. The disc really showcases how capable a musician he is. Standout tracks for me are "Untitled", "Ex's and Oh's" and "8-Bit Luv". AO gives some great production as well on the 2 tracks he delivers. The two offer up a cohesive funk/soul/alternative gumbo that is a ton of fun to listen to.

If you've ever dealt with the side effects of true love, you'll greatly enjoy the stories and music contained in this project. German DJ Flula Borg handles interlude duty and trust me, they are hilarious. Only Flula could/would threaten to put grape jelly in Cupid's pants or shove one of Cupid's own arrows up his own ass.

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