Saturday, April 16, 2011

Union Street Clothing Launch Party

It was back to The Wagon last night for the launch of Union Street clothing. This collaborative effort by Wagoneers Spag-Lo and Julius "Ju" Benn is the next brand on the scene looking to capture the eyes of discerning street fashion connoisseurs.

With nods to street couture and high fashion incorporated, Union Street is in tune with current street wear trends. Details like "cement" print, cheetah print, skulls and studs showcase the designers eye for juxtaposing styles, colors and patterns.  

The prominent wagon logo lets you know right away the brands connection to The Wagon Boutique.  The Wagon continues to be one of Brooklyn's finest sources for urban chic clothing and vintage apparel and accessories.  The store was bubbling with guests pawing over Union Street's launch items as they sipped complimentary Coco Losos from the bar.

Union Street is not only about the look.  They are putting as much effort into pleasing the skin as they are the eyes. The brands mission statement communicates, " fit and comfort is critical in men's fashion."

In between shooting....and drinking, I stopped to ask a few of the patrons what they thought of Union Street. Rob said, "I think it's really dope! I'm interested to see where they take it. The concept is pretty cool and I support anything that The Wagon carries." J-Hive answered, "Union Street is something special! It's new; it's impressive. I'm a Brooklyn ambassador, so if I wear it, then the streets will embrace it also.  Even the ladies had good things to say. Guest Ann said, "It definitely represents Brooklyn. I think it's something that the youth can relate to."

"True Love Never Dies" states one of the Union Street tees. True indeed. As long as there are urban streets, street fashion and the love of ever evolving styles and artistic ideas, brands like Union Street will continue to flourish. 

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Element K said...

You have died of dysentery. Would you like to play again? (Y/N)

seriously, that's what some of those clothes remind me of: Oregon Trail.