Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where I've Been...

It's been several days since I last updated the blog. I apologize for the lapse in content. I have very good reason. Allow me to explain...

1. Work is bananas! - So there's a whole mess of drama in my workplace that I can't get into publicly but know that it has been REALLY stressful. I've just been focusing on staying on my A game and keeping clear of the nonsense. It's really drained a lot of my creative energy. Things are beginning to simmer down so I can operate with a more clear head now.

2. My wife's birthday. - I had to put some time and energy into giving my wife a joyous birthday celebration. We had a great dinner with friends and family in Harlem over the weekend and I gave her a few gifts on her actual birthday and we went to see 'The Hangover II' to close out the festivities. (That was a horrible movie, by the way.)

3. Preparing for LA. - I had to make my final promo push for votes in the 2011 Black Weblog Awards. Voting closed on the 17th. Now that that is all behind me, it's just a matter of saving money for my trip. I'm really hoping I can pull of at least a single win. It would be really cool to accomplish that and dagnabbit I deserve it. I worked pretty hard this year and I'm continually looking to learn, grow and evolve.

4. School is ending. - My son is in his last week of school. They have half days all this week and on the last day of school they get out at 9:30 am. What the hell!? Why even bother going? There's absolutely no point in going to school for 1 hour. In any case, I'm trying to spend some QT with him as he's traveling to Japan for the summer.

5. I need a new videographer. - My friend and videographer Christine got accepted into a really great Masters program in the UK. She's currently in South Africa doing to volunteer work. That leaves me without a videographer to shoot and edit video. She introduced to someone to pick up the slack but I've not had time to meet with him. I can hopefully accomplish that this weekend and then I'll be back in full swing.

So as you can see, aside from life's usual ups and downs, there was a lot bubbling at the same time the last few days and I hide to adjust my focus accordingly. I'll be digging for some fresh content for y'all to make up for lost time. Stick with me....

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