Friday, July 29, 2011

'An Angel's Redemption' Movie Trailer

I caught wind of this trailer from Biggs' twitter account. I love films based on true stories and this trailer is intriguing to say the least. I remember some of this news when it broke but I had no idea how much politics played a role in the events. I've always heard that Jamaica is a very rough place. This film apparently aims to clarify the circumstances that create the tension and drama on the island.  Here is a quote from the creators:

"Jamaica, Friday the 13th, 2010 a hot August day. Two stories hit headlines, which consequently shook the moral fabric of this small island of two million.

During the morning of August 13th, 2010, police gunned down Cedric 'Doggie' Murray one of Jamaica's most notorious gangsters to present day. He is allegedly responsible for over thirty murders. Police took possession of the diary he carried with him. This diary contains a detailed account of his life--his darkest thoughts and his conflicted moral belief in God, love of his family, and his strong alliance to Christopher 'Dudus' Coke.

"I fired my AK-47 until my fingers were numb. I ate gunpowder until my throat was sore. Babylon feel seh man a fool like dem and dem can jus come and kill me. Them betta know seh gangsta fi life. All out when me get drawn out, straight bullet fi dem. My gun is my best friend, we are always together."

News quickly spread through the island about his death and the contents of the dairy.

Later that day, another story hit the headlines; a Friday the 13th that would never be forgotten. Fifteen heavily armed men dressed in dark clothes terrorized the small community of Tredegar Park; breaking into random houses and shooting at will. The men took the lives of eight people, brutally slaying sixteen-year-old Kimani Anderson, and his sister, eleven-year-old Angel Anderson. Over thirty rounds were fired; one of the bullets ripping through Angel's schoolbook as she held it up to shield herself from the five bullets that killed her. The killers fled the house, leaving three young children who witnessed the horrific murders. One of the children found was still suckling the dead mother's breast for milk."

Click to watch. Would you go see this film?

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