Monday, August 15, 2011

JF Brooks - 'Undeniable'

un-de-ni-a-ble - adjective
1. incapable of being denied or disputed
2. not open to refusal
3. unquestioned as to quality, merit, etc.; indisputably good: undeniable artistic talent.

I sat down to write this "review" and I found myself at a loss for words. Not that there is nothing to say about it. I could use up every superlative I know explaining how good this album is. The problem is that it's just that good. It's a level of quality that you can't necessarily communicate with words. It's something that you hear and feel; not just talk about. I could explain how it feels to sit in a jacuzzi but if you've never experienced it, the words just sound nice. You'd be able to nod, smile and say, "I'd love to try that!" but there is no substitute for the actual experience.

There is no substitute for the 'Undeniable' experience.

I was first introduced to JF Brooks' music at the top of the year. If I remember correctly, his manager sent me a link to the video for "Seasoning". (I'd link you but it's no longer up.) A couple of leaks later, the full project is now fully expressed in the universe. I listen to Rap music and I enjoy different things for different reasons. There is not a ton of music that I absolutely relate to though. The most prominent themes in Rap music just don't fit my lifestyle. I am very happy to say that I relate to JF's music. On many different levels.

JF has guts. Again, it's not something I can easily verbalize. It's something that has to be heard. His military experience, his family experience, his ambition, his attitude....I know what he's talking about. I listen to these songs and they speak to me as a man. They speak to me as a child of Hip-Hop. To make music this personal takes true grit. One's purpose has to be much bigger than self aggrandizement. It's about pursuing excellence at every moment of every day. It's about being undeniable.

This album is a fantastic accomplishment by JF Brooks. I implore you to support this artist and album and download it. If you need "something more" in your Hip-Hop, it is contained within this project.

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