Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top 5 Independent Albums >/= "Watch the Throne"

First and foremost, I'm not hating on Jay and 'Ye! Get your collective panties unbunched and open your mind for a second. I love the work of both artists. Hell, I was singing Kanye's praises when most
of you were still screaming, "He can't rap! He should stick to production." I've followed both careers and I think they are both incredible artists.

However, this "Watch The Throne" hype isn't warranted as far as I'm concerned. The album is good. It is enjoyable. It is not as awe inspiring as people are making it seem. I've heard better from both artists and I'm confused as to why people are so bent out of shape over "Sophisticated ignorance; I write my curses in cursive."

So for those of you who also don't get what all the fuss is about, I have for you my top 5 albums that you've probably never heard that are greater than or equal to "Watch The Throne". I also have links for you to download them. I can assure these 5 selections are bangin' from start to finish.

5. Noah - "The Wonderful Struggle"

Coming in at number 5 is Noah. This west coast new jack is serious with the pen and has great musical taste. He's very current. I can play this disc from start to finish without skipping anything. It's solid from top to bottom. I considered a couple of other options for this 5 spot but Noah is so right now.

4. Live Wire - "No Label"

At number 4 is Brooklyn boy Live Wire. If you want to talk about flow, this is a master class in flow. Delivery is just as important as content and Live certainly has both well under foot. Tracks like "Ribbon" and "Clap Your Hands" show you how he can run the gamut of topics all the while rappin' the cot damn brakes off you.

3. Ghostwridah - "American Alien"

In the middle of the pack at number 3 is Ghostwridah's "American Alien". Beats and rhymes on this release are top notch. This is coupe music. Ghost is now living in Miami and this is the new Miami sound. This record is so good that it shouldn't be free. The production value is just bonkers. If you don't love this album, something is wrong with you.

2. Siya - "Elevator Dreams"

Just out of reach of the number 1 slot is Siya. She just beat out Ghostwridah because she's the baddest female spittin' right now. If this girl is not next on the hotlist, I don't know what the hell is wrong with Hip-Hop. She has an incredible story, sharp lyrics and her production also places her in the "Why is this free?" category. This record is a must own.

1. Skyzoo - "The Great Debater"

Download "The Great Debater"

In the top spot is Skyzoo. This is the hardest record on the streets bar none. If "Complicated Rhythm" doesn't make you want to slap the spit out of somebody when the beat drops, you're probably deaf. Sky is one of the top 5 lyricists alive. Period. When you really sink your teeth into his, as he rightfully coins it, literature....you will not be the same.On top of that, he has one of the best producers in Hip-Hop's history in his corner in 9th Wonder. I shouldn't have to tell you what that sounds like. Get this album now and try to pop a woofer.


El Sambo said...

I feel the same way...I've kept playing it over and it has yet to blow me away, nor will it blow me away at this point but I keep hearing people talk like it's the best album ever

Rox Fontaine said...

Yeah, it's not a bad album at all but they did the album for themselves, not for fans.