Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Soope feat. Grubbs - "Hard Hat"

The streets are up to something. Something truly special. Despite what mainstream radio would have one believe, there is a generation of dreamers out here that do. Soope is one such individual. As an MC, I respect his ability and artistic vision. The material he is putting out at this stage of the game is phenomenal and it's certainly not long before he gains more widespread attention. As a man, I respect his courage for creating and presenting this new release "Hard Hat."

In the current economic state, many people took offense to Jay-Z and Kanye's 'Watch the Throne' project. The duo's ode to excess left many turned off. For those of you who genuinely felt that, then this track is for you. Soope and Grubbs are walking you into the reality of of the "rest" of America. The reality of the Have-nots.

This is the most poignant work I've heard from Soope. It makes me proud to watch his career and skill develop. We need this type of artistry in Hip-Hop. We need, and have needed for many years now, to restore balance in mainstream Hip-Hop. There is room for intelligence. There is room for truth. There is room for Soope. LET HIM IN!

Soope feat. Grubbs "Hard Hat" Music Video from Nick Brazinsky on Vimeo.

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