Monday, October 10, 2011

Kokayi - 'Pacific Coast Highway' Instrumental Album

Grammy award nominated singer/songwriter/producer Kokayi released one of my absolute favorite albums of 2010. Though it was late in the year, it trumped everything I heard prior in both depth and scope. A truly incredible independent release that Hip-Hop heads need to hear.

I've had the pleasure of sitting in on a couple of Kokayi's Ustream sessions where he goes through his ridiculous catalog of music. When I tell you this guy has beats on deck, I mean he has more tracks than you can imagine.

Today, Kokayi gives us 'Pacific Coast Highway'. This 19 track instrumental album is yet another testament to his musical genius. It's yet another two middle fingers in the air to self imposed limitations, stereotypes and the status quo.

You can stream the album for free right here or purchase it by clicking the link.

"This is the soundtrack to the journey from San Diego to Washington State (Seattle to be specific). I’ve driven across these United States 6 times mostly in minivans and station wagons. Seen the Canyon up close and the Cheyenne frontier days at day break. The PCH has always been a different thingy, a rite of passage for gigging musicians. The sea at your side, the rolling hills, a falling rock. So buckle up for safety, watch for careening deer and don’t forget to get gas or electricity..however you ride.” – KOKAYI


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