Tuesday, March 6, 2012

D.A. the Future - "I Don't Owe You!"

Strong Island ... what up!?

I've been itching to hear some new music from D.A. the Future since I first heard him several months ago. This fellow has a fire in his belly unlike ... pretty much anyone I've heard in a long time. I'm talking about that old school street ass street talk rappin'. The cloth that Tupac, Freeway, K'naan, Beanie Sigel, Sean Price and the like were cut from. If you don't know how those artists fit together then you should probably just skip this post.

I'm just sayin'...

This is one of the exact reasons why I love writing for this blog. This is the type of music that I live for. This is the music that I buy and support locally at shows and events. D.A. the Future is nothing if not dynamic and his energy and effort inspires me to be better at what I do. That type of thing is rare. I could post a bunch of mediocre music every day or I can be patient (and wrong by blog standards) and wait for the right music.

"I Don't Owe You!" is unadulterated Hip-Hop. Producer Vinny Idol @$*!@& this @(#$& UP! D.A. was definitely on my watch list but after this, he's one of my favorite rappers period. Get into this track and you may feel the same!

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