Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bueller Da Don - "H.O.M.E."

"Jeeeeeeez." -Kipland Dynamite

I know it's been a minute since the last update but you know I always bounce back with something super fly for y'all! Since the last post, Summer has closed, school has restarted, tonight is Fashion's Night Out and Fall is fast approaching. As the temperature slowly drops, Bueller da Don is keeping the fire lit.

He and producer Sunny Norway dropped this buck nutty audio on the masses a few days ago and I've been bumping it heavily at the 9 to 5. Finally, I get a moment to share with y'all! "H.O.M.E." is Bueller's latest addition to a pile of releases that are adding up to a monstrous catalog. He's entirely locked in and this sound he's crafting with Sunny Norway is the next "it" thing in the air.

This track has Autumn written all over it and I'm putting it out in the universe that this will be a stunning visual in the near future. Right, Buell? The joint just feels like a cut from a 2012 remake of Boomerang. Right, Buell?

...and Sunny Norway? You're a damn FOOL for this production.

Check the stream below. Your playlist just got a whole lot fresher. Support the release on iTunes.

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