Friday, September 21, 2012

Futuristic Lingo - "Xs and Os" feat. Cocoa Sarai Music Video

I prefer warm weather over cold and this song feels like my last little piece of summer fun. "Xs and Os" by Futuristic Lingo is a very well done playful look at young love/lust. I was instantly drawn in by the dissonant quality of the arrangement and harmonies and then by the theme of the video.

2012 Underground Music Award winner Cocoa Sarai is a high school babe being courted by 4 different boys who desperately wish she would accompany them to prom. As the story develops, Futuristic Lingo peppers the track with lighthearted wordplay and sexual innuendo. The twist at the end definitely gave me an, "Oh, snap!" moment that I'm sure you'll enjoy too.

"Xs and Os" is one of 3 tracks that FL and Cocoa collaborated on for their 'Heaven on Earth' mixtape featured on DatPiff. This is the first I'm hearing of it but this video certainly sparks my interest in the rest of the project. Check the video below.

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