Friday, September 28, 2012

Ghostwridah - "Born Free"

"Born Free" is just about everything I love about Hip-Hop. The latest release from Miami's golden child's Freestyle Friday series is off the charts! Sampling M.I.A.'s song of the same title, which coincidentally samples a song called "Ghost Rider", Ghostwridah blends style and substance set to a backdrop fresh out of a 2012 remake of School Daze.

We've never heard Ghost like this. What he's doing lyrically is expected. He never misses on that front. The difference lies in the sound. Up to this point, his production has been a lot more glossy and crisp.  "Born Free" threw all of that out of the window for grit and gut. It works beautifully and definitely jumps onto an mp3 CD and into my car rotation.

Check the free stream and download below and get yourself geared up for the upcoming 'Flu Game: The Michael Jordan Theory 2.'

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