Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chezeq Young - "Shorty's Life" Music Video

New to my radar is Chezeq (kay-zik) Young representing Pittspurgh, PA. This gem called "Shorty's Life" was sitting in my mailbox for almost a month, overlooked somehow! Luckily, I dropped in for a cleanup today and noticed this camped out. It's a clean track and certainly should have been posted sooner.

The newcomer lays it all on the line about growth and struggle as a young man from a broken home. It's all heartfelt, thoughtful and passionate and completed by the easy melodic sample of the self-produced track. Innovate Studios serve up a solid black & white visual to further complement the mood. 

I love the straight story telling on this song. Chezeq has certainly piqued my interest so I'm looking forward to new material. We don't get this type of art on radio anymore so it's always a nice contrast to hear independent artists that still believe in telling honest stories.

Check the video below...

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