Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bad Rabbits - "We Can Roll" Music Video

image via AfroPunk.com

Sweet mother of all things soulful...

This song right here is so not of this time and place. I'm stirred up inside and I just want to jump up and down in front of my desk. I ain't tryin' to get fired though. This blog doesn't pay. I'm toe tappin' with a vengeance though. Belee dat.

Having the opportunity to experience Bad Rabbits music live before hearing them on record amplifies what they do in ways I can't verbalize. I saw them in the dead of summer at AfroPunk Festival in Brooklyn. The weather was perfect, the music was incredible and the energy was beyond inspiring. I remember the band stopping me dead in my tracks when they started their set.

They've done it again with this new video for "We Can Roll." (Shout out to Dirty Souf Yankee for posting it.) I wanted to hoot and holler as soon as the vocal drops! If we had "jook joints" in 2012, Bad Rabbits would be the house band for the night and I would certainly be cuttin' a damn fool on the dance floor. Lawd haf marcy this track is BONKERS!

Brace yourself....

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