Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmaz - "128 Ninjas" feat. Algato

I got goosebumps when the verse hit on this track! It was the music itself but it was also knowing that these 18-22 years young men can replicate the sound of an era well before their time and from a place almost 4,000 miles away with such honesty and authenticity.

"128 Ninjas" comes to us by way of Stockholm, Sweden. (Don't worry, it's 99% in English.) Christmaz, of Stockholm locals Pangaia, handles the heavy lifting on this track with a 2 bar Swedish spot from fellow Pangaia member Algato.

Christmaz is here 5 days early as far as I'm concerned. I'm truly impressed with his sound, delivery and lyricism. This gritty and cold weather styling takes me back to the time when I bumped Onyx, Heltah Skeltah and Wu-Tang records on my way to school. Back when I would take the 1 train down to The Wiz on 96th street to buy singles for .99 cents.

Check this international flava out below...

*Sidebar for New Yorkers: TheWiz still exists online!

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