Thursday, July 24, 2008

boy A at Film Forum in New York

I'm not going to be able to catch this film so someone go and see it for me. It's playing at Film Forum until August 5th, 2008. If you're a fan of or interested in independent films, FF is the place to be.

"A HAUNTING BRITISH DRAMA that owes something to the postwar kitchen-sink sensibility pioneered by John Osborne and his angry young men. Can a young man who has spent most of his life in prison for committing a horrendous crime re-enter the world under a new identity and find the strength to redeem himself? Newcomer Andrew Garfield gives a quietly compelling performance as Jack, a young man with a past; Peter Mullan (MY NAME IS JOE) is his hopeful caseworker and Katie Lyons, his newfound love interest. Ironically, a publicized act as a Good Samaritan threatens to unmask Jack’s past. This deeply affecting working class drama could be set in any country at any time in history, for its insights into the fragility of human nature resonate with a timeless quality."


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