Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CNN presents Black in America

No bias. No bull. That's what they say. CNN has put together a 2 part series of programs focusing on the experience of being Black in the United States. The first episdode, The Black Woman & Family, is on air now. The second episode, The Black Man, will air tomorrow at 9 pm (est).

In addition to the shows, there are extended interviews, community resources and feedback forums available online at:

Black in America Online

Definitely check it out if you have the time.


Stormster said...

I was very pleased with this report. Finally they went to the source. It did hit a cord though with me...especially the fact that the leading cause among women between the ages of 25-35(I think) is AIDS.

Rox Fontaine said...

Roland Fryer is brilliant isn't he!? I was floored by his work.