Monday, August 11, 2008

Michael Phelps

Is Aquaman. I'm convinced of this. Never before has such aquatic dominance been seen outside of the pages of DC comics. The way this guy just effortlessly flows through the water is insane.

Don't be surprised if one day you see Michael Phelps talking to sea creatures. I said it here first; this guy is Aquaman. Now I wonder what other potential superheroes are lurking out there.......


Rox Fontaine said...

Word up! I was going to blog about him until I realized that I may have to blog about him every time he swims. I almost cried when he and his teammates won the 400 free relay.

The craziest thing is; he doesn't look or act like some larger than life sports figure. He looks like the dude you might play pickup basketball with in your local park.

I really hope he can pull down the 8 medals he's seeking.

DunksNOnes said...

There's been alot of coverage
on Phelps,
And this dude deserves it,
Just Smashing world records!

ChicoFontaine said...

He actually looks like KleanKicks lmao

THEsolid85 said...

I'm pretty sure he's part porpoise.