Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Swag, Mojo and Whatever Other Synonyms

Everyone seems to think swag is something you can acquire by rocking hot kicks or gear. I beg to differ. A persons "swag" is instilled in them from a young age and possibly even birth in some cases.

Your swag is your mojo and your mojo is your swag.
Being a Harlem dude I feel that swag is a necessity in every ones life. That's the thing everyone is trying to have "swag"; but they're not embracing their own shit. DO YOU!! Another person or celeb can't tell you or show how to have swag. Your swag/mojo is your essence, its what makes you you. I'm tired of all these people talking about their swag or posting pics and they look like 100 other motherfuckers claiming the same shit. THAT'S NOT SWAG THAT'S DOING WHAT YOU THINK YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO!

Do you think Dame Dash or Kanye started acting like that after they got famous? No their mojo is what made them and got them to were they are.
I don't know if it's a transitional period to a new swag but as i write this I'm feeling like Austin Powers in the second movie. My mojo is gone, my god given swag is nowhere to be seen. I guess it's a young midlife crisis or even an existential crisis for those up on there ISM game.

Embrace who you are and what you stand for, stop being carbon copies of what society wants you to be. Think outside the box for a change and always remember to do you. My quest to find my mojo, be it a new one or the one that made me the man I am today starts now.........


DunksNOnes said...
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DunksNOnes said...

That was really moving, and it was very straight forward. It made me look at my self and ask, " Am I what society wants me to be? or am I, me...?"
and your right, similar isn't swag, its your uniqueness.
and I try, and will continue to try to not have this "swag" seep into my mentality.
Preach Chico!

Rox Fontaine said...

I hear you, Chico. Media keeps dumbing our kids down. Slang is a natural thing but the problem lies in that our children don't know the appropriate vocabulary to express themselves clearly and concisely. If you asked the average 13-25 year old to define "swag" half of them wouldn't even know the word swagger, let alone more accurate terms such as self-awareness.

People are more interested with the idea of how "swag" looks on someone else rather than understanding what self-awareness creates in ones own reality.

Long story short, my "swag" is on full blast.