Monday, September 1, 2008


Some friends and I went to Six Flags Great Adventure yesterday and it was a BLAST! We got there for park opening so we got on all the major coasters with no wait and many of them twice. I have to give nods to Nitro and Kingda Ka as my favorite rides at the park. I hadn't been to Six Flags for years before yesterday so it was good to catch all the new coasters.

I have to give you all warning that I did not have going into yesterday. AVOID, I repeat, AVOID the Dark Night "coaster". What a piece of crap waste of time! Worst "coaster" ever. I assume they wanted to make it family friendly but this thing is just pathetic. First of all, it's indoors. That was clue number one that I might not be too impressed with the ride. Second, the movie that you have to watch before you get on the ride is longer than the ride itself. When I got off of this ride, I just wanted to kick and cuss. Yes, cuss. Not curse.

After walking around and racking up a bunch of prizes from the games and claw machines we went to the Old Picnic Grove and had an all you can eat BBQ buffet. It was NICE! There were burgers, BBQ brisket and the biggest damn pieces of chicken breast I've ever seen. Looks like the chickens they got them from may have been on some serious 'roids. Of course, they had baked beans, potato salad, etc. After stuffing our faces in there we went out for more park. We left at about 8 pm.

It was a long HOT day, but it was a great day. We had a great time. Sorry, no pics. I was having too much fun.

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ChicoFontaine said...

Sounds great man. I would've loved to had gone. I knew Dark Knight was gonna suck, and Kingda Ka and Nitro are the truth.