Sunday, September 7, 2008

When It Rains It Pours

Friday, September 5th, 2008. I had a long day. I crashed at probably 11 pm. I was unaware that my wife had gone up the street to do some laundry.

KleanKicks hit me up at about 12 am to shoot the breeze. He was drunk and trying to zig-zag his way home. It was then my wife clued me in that she was in the middle of doing laundry. I was very tired so it didn't really register to me that she was doing laundry in the middle of the damn night.

I went back to sleep thinking the next time I'd awake it would be 9 or 10 in the morning. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

I suddenly shot up as I hear my wife screaming. I was fast asleep but the urgency registered before I was completely conscious. I jumped out of bed and shot out of the front door. I was barefoot and only wearing some boxers and a t-shirt.

As soon as I hit the sidewalk I see my wife on the ground. The next thing I notice is somebody start off into a mad dash. I immediately followed suit. I had no idea what had happened but I knew I was about to stomp somebody's face until it was no longer recognizable. Me being barefoot and it pouring rain outside, I lost my footing as I hit the smooth surface of the street and fell down hard. I hopped up and continued in pursuit. As I gave chase, I noticed a second male running about 20 yards ahead of the one I was chasing. They shot across a highway and that's when a couple of things hit me:

1. I recently finished a stem cell transplant and the little dash I made exhausted me quickly. Even beyond that, I have spent 3 weeks of every month for the last year in a hospital on some form of chemotherapy or another. I'm very much out of shape.
2. I was barefoot and my feet were blistered from me digging into the pavement so hard.
3. I still had no idea what had happened and my wife was around the corner on the ground the last time I saw.

I screamed out some expletives at the culprits and went back to check on my wife. She then told me that they had attempted to rob her. She gave them nothing and luckily was able to get me up and outside to scare them off. Luckily, she wasn't injured at all.

I then went back to where I had last seen them run off and tried to scope them out. It was very dark and the rain made it even worse so visibility was dreadful. I wanted to canvas the entire area but there were two of them, I never saw their faces and I was half naked.

We called the police and filed a report but I was nowhere near satisfied. I want blood. These motherfuckers tried to rob my wife in front of my home! Had I been my normal self, one of those dudes would have been in for the ass whooping of a lifetime. I was so disappointed that I wasn't at my full strength.

I came back into the house and got out of the soaked clothes I was in and got myself warm. Then I cleaned up the scrapes and cuts I sustained from my fall and sat with my wife to calm her nerves until she could sleep.

If I find the dude that grabbed my wife.......


THEsolid85 said...

when is KleanKicks NOT drunk and stumbling about somewhere? seriously. i'm asking. write THAT in a story sometime.

THEsolid85 said...

uhm, and on a serious note: careful out there Rox O.O

DunksNOnes said...

Careful, & make sure your wife isn't walking alone at midnight.
I tell you, first your Navigation, now trying to mug your wife.
Your anger and frustration seeped into my blood and I am now angered at those two fools.
just keep in mind that she is physically ok.
"Keep that chin up, you're to young to have two" :)