Sunday, June 7, 2009

Long Branch, NJ

Today, the family and I, along with some friends, took a drive down to Long Branch, NJ to catch some rays and waves at the beach. The trip down took far longer than it should have taken because either I am or my navigation is completely stupid. I think we share equal blame.

We did make it safely though. It was perfect weather aside from the strong breeze that was a little too chilly for my tastes. The water was frigid, so I didn't even attempt to get in beyond my ankles. My son, who's apparently made of steel, had no problem with the water temperature and was flapping around in it like a dolphin at play.

I got to play some bootleg horseshoes, toss the ol' pigskin around and showoff on my son's RipStik. We wrapped the day up with some Chipotle and it was back North to my humble abode.

I'm kinda salty now after discovering that I took all of my pics at 640 x 480 resolution. >:-(

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