Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Game Rebellion EP Release Party (Pics)

The Game Rebellion EP release party was off the chains!  I nodded my head, I danced, I thrashed, I moshed, I took pics and I had a blast.  Picked up "Sounds Like A Riot" with the purchase of my ticket.  If you're sick of the same ol' same ol', you need to pick this up.

The show opened up with Donnis performing 3 songs.  Check his myspace to download his 10.Deep mixtape and check out the songs he performed last night. I actually first heard of Donnis back when I was living in Japan.  He put his first disc out independently over there and we have a very good mutual friend.  I put them back in contact so that was a beautiful thing.  He took off a little early as he had to prep for a XXL photo shoot.  Look for him in the upcoming issue.


After Donnis' 3 songs the show went into overdrive.  Kidz in the Hall came on and did several songs from "The In Crowd".  I picked up a copy for $10.00 bucks as it's a dope ass album and $5.00 of the purchase was being donated to YELE.  They really gave a great performance and shut the place down when they performed "Drivin' Down The Block (Low End Theory)".  Their label mate Buckshot came through but I didn't get a chance to get a pic of him as I was all into the show.



Game Rebellion premiered the video for "Blind" and then the place went into a frenzy!  The mosh pit started up and fists, elbows and bodies altogether were all over the place.  Their set was just amazing.  Netic is a truly skilled MC and he kept us hanging on every word on every song.  Looking at the album credits, he's damn near solely responsible for "Sounds Like A Riot". 




I have a bunch more photos and some really great shots to post up but I may have lost them.  I was jumping around with my cam a few times and probably destroyed some data doing it.

I think this is dope.



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