Friday, January 22, 2010

The Speed of Life

New York will kill you.  Literally and/or figuratively.

I spent about 8 years living overseas.  Japan to be specific.  That in and of itself is pretty mind altering but I went there as a "kid" and I developed into a man.   There are so many lessons and ideas that I learned in my time there as I sought to discover who I am.  Many trials and tribulations I endured that further shaped my approach to life and my character.  Rather than get into an autobiography, I'll focus on a key theme:

The Speed of Life

I learned to live life slowly in Japan.  The culture is much about steady pace and ceremony.  A nice slow bath beats a standing shower any day of the week.  Hot springs, making and drinking green tea, yakiniku, etc.  It's all about the experience.  Connecting with whatever thing it is you're doing.  Even in Tokyo where it's a notoriously busy and stressful work environment, there's always time to slow down.  Even the busiest of Tokyo business professionals slow it down after work with coworkers to have a drink (too much even) and chat.  Then it's back home for a soak, a home cooked meal and off to bed.

In stark contrast, big city living in the US is a sprint to one's grave.  Especially here in New York City.  Hustle and bustle, get up and go, every minute of every day or perish.  For many, it's just that excitement that is attractive about New York.  For me, it's become a headache and heartache.  I've come to the realization that New York is for the rich and/or the single.

Long story short, it's imperative that one take care of one's mental health in this city.   You can live your dreams here or be consumed and doomed by them.

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