Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Miss You, Grandma...


I wish I could talk to my Grandmother.  I was flipping through some older photos and I came across this picture of her headstone.  For many years, she didn't have a headstone.  She's buried in Florida and when I went to visit, I would clean the weeds around her grave site, wash the stone and leave her flowers.  Once, I decorated the plot with stones and small plastic picket fences.  I was always bothered by the fact that she didn't have a headstone.  The only way to find her was by locating the large Oak tree near her plot and then looking for the tiny aluminum marker at the head of her space.

I bought this headstone for her and I felt such a relief to see it in place.  I also felt proud to have grown up from such humble beginnings and made it to the point where I could do this for her.  I know she was looking down on me and smiling at what I've become.

I want to talk to her with my current mind and experience.  I want to better understand her experiences, trials and tribulations.  I want to ask her all the questions I didn't know to ask her as a kid.  Unfortunately for me, life is fleeting.  She is with me in spirit though and the memories of her, good and bad, will always shape how I participate in the universe.

I miss you, Grandma and I love you very much.

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