Friday, March 5, 2010

Sneaker Lounge - Best in Westchester pt. 2

 I told y'all we get it in in Westchester!  Part two of Best in Westchester takes us to Sneaker Lounge.  This boutique is quickly moving from a hum to a roar, and with very good reason.  I stopped by the store today to talk with the owner, Tyler, so I could bring to you the exclusive first look interview and photos. 

Rox Fontaine: When did you decide to open a sneaker boutique?
Tyler: It's still a work in progress.  It took us about a year to put it together.  My brother and I have been collecting for 15 years.  We saw lots of opportunity in sneakers; collecting and reselling because all of our friends collected for so long.

RF: What type of atmosphere can people expect at Sneaker Lounge?
T: Knowledgeable staff, customer service that can't be beat.  We go above (peoples) expectations.  For example, if we don't have a sneaker in stock, we'll search for it to try and bring it in for (the customer) at a price that can't be beat. It's a buying experience as well.  The atmosphere we have here is nothing like what you'll find in the average (chain) store.

RF: Are you planning any events or exclusive releases in the near future?
T: Yes! There's an artist that (customizes) sneakers and she has a following up here.  We're putting together a showcase for her here at the store and we're going to raffle some things off.

RF: How did you choose your location?
T: There was a Champs here in the area.  They went out of business and there was a big demand for sneakers, as in every community.  We saw that as an opportunity to pick up where they left off as well as offer something that they never (did).  We also saw that this community is saturated with youth.  There are a bunch of high schools, two universities, etc.

RF: What is Sneaker Lounge bringing to the table that boutiques in The City might not be?
T: It's easily accessible.  Parking available (on the premise).  We offer a selection that is as big or bigger than any store you can find in the city.  Vintage releases, new releases and everyday sneakers.  What we do that other stores can't do is; we'll match any price.  If you can show us that you found (legitimate) the same sneaker that we have at a lower price, we'll beat it.

RF: What about an online extension of your store?
T: We do have a website.  It showcases some of our inventory.  There's a bio on (my brother and me).  You can't purchase online but you can call the store and we can ship out anything you want.  Shipping is free!

RF: Do you do consigment sales?
T: Yes, we do.


RF: I noticed that you have some Sneaker Lounge apparel.  Any plans to expand that into hats, custom gear, etc.?
T: Definitely.  We originally did it as a marketing promo, to try and get our name out there.  We're going to start incorporating the logo on some New Era fitteds and maybe expand into some long sleeve tees and different designs.



Check out the Sneaker Lounge website at:

Sneaker Lounge
8 Mill Road
Eastchester, NY 10709
(914) 771-7500

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