Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Void

It's another one of those points in time where the blog is not being updated with the quality content you've come to expect.  Again, by you I mean you 7 people that read here.  I feel super special now that I've gained 2 additional regular readers.  Go me!

After the two weeks that my friend Kaori was here, I was exhausted.  I ran myself ragged keeping her out, about and entertained.  I had two straight weeks of extremely long days and nights.  My body finally caught up to me when she left and I had time to just sit still.  Then I got swamped with work and the blog has taken a hit because of it. 

Fret not though!  I have some really ill material in the wings.  Plus, I'll be out shooting again probably on Thursday.  This weekend I'll be back in full swing for sure.  Don't lose me!