Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Dream Too

I am, and have been for most of my life, sick of how Blacks are portrayed on film.  Especially how we portray ourselves.  See, I'm well aware of the following ugly truths:

The Black nuclear family is far too often screwed up.
"Ghetto" life can be very ugly.
Getting to and excelling during college isn't easy.
Relationships are difficult.
America had, has and will continue to have deep rooted racial issues.

If I see 10 Black films, 9 of them are using at least one of these themes as it's core.  Spare me.  Our people are much more diverse in thought, character and actions.  If you let these films tell it, all Blacks dream about is making it out of "da 'hood".  We don't dream of starships and magic.  We never imagine distant worlds and alternate realities.  We just hope to be fortunate enough to leave our neighborhoods on our own terms.

I'm truly tired of seeing so many of the same films over and over again.  The same themes with slight variations and nothing bigger or more daring.  I'm not just tired; I'm furious.  Where's our Lord of the Rings?  Why couldn't Harry Potter be a magically gifted Black boy?  No negroes in Narnia?  I refuse to believe that this is all a result of racist studios denying Black filmmakers the funding to make the films they want to make.

I am not a great writer.  I'm probably not even a good writer.  If I were, I would honestly write a film that I want to see.  I deserve it.  My son deserves it.  My people deserve it.  We dream too and our art should better reflect that.

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