Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nu Beginnings Salon & Spa Fashion Showcase

My good friend Trish is part owner of a new salon & spa in Rosedale, NY.  To help promote her new store she put together a small fashion showcase to display hair, clothing and accessory styles from her network of friends and colleagues.  It was a great event that promises to grow bigger and better with each showing.

It was phenomenal to see young entrepreneurs working so hard at mastering their respective crafts.  Designers like Cleva and Dori of The Traveling Boutique really impressed with their flair for style.  There were some really remarkable pieces to be seen.

Nu Beginnings set the foundation for a truly special event to blossom.  If you know the area where the shop is located, definitely check out their services.  They cover hair, nails and make-up in a wonderfully set up, well kept and comfortable space.

Nu Beginnings Salon & Spa
145-16 243rd St. 
Rosedale, NY 11422
Donna: 917-376-8145
Trisha: 718-915-0077

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