Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

Brooklyn Bodega really does a great job with this event.  It's a huge undertaking and while I'm sure there are hitches all over, it all comes together for fans of Hip-Hop.  You can't ask for much more than that.  You really get a great value for your money.

I took off from my home around 1 pm and traffic slowed me down considerably.  I didn't get there until 2:20 pm.  It should have only taken me 30-40 minutes tops.  Then I got there and couldn't find parking.  I was frustrated for a short while, but once I got into the park the positive energy made everything OK.  There were plenty of vendors and sponsors, lots of food and drinks and tons of good music.

I didn't stick around to catch headliners De La Soul perform, but I did get a chance to shoot them before they went on.  I'm sure they killed it as usual.  I slightly regret missing their performance though.

Trugoy aka Dave

Maseo (l.) and DJ Evil Dee (r.)


Smif n Wessun (aka Cocoa Brovas) also came through to represent Boot Camp.  Black Moon was also in the building.  I even saw Rockness.  It was good to see them out but I was only looking for Sean Price who did not show.  Sue me. 



I wish Babu had a solo.  When I started learning to scratch back in 2002, I was big on the Invisibl Skratch Piklz.  Especially Q-Bert and Mix Master Mike.  I knew I would never practice enough to get to such an advanced level, but I loved watching and listening to masters.  Then I discovered Babu.  He almost instantly became my favorite.  His style is so effortless and funky.

DJ Babu feat. Rakaa with the screw face

I missed Kalae All Day's set due to the afore mentioned traffic.  I did catch up with her at the show though.  She was stuntin' hard in her self designed Utta K.A.O.S. shades.  Also ran into YC the Cynic giving love and support to Kalae.

Kalae All Day

YC the Cynic

Fashawn came out representing Cali as well as that "Golden Era" Hip-Hop.  Definitely check out that 'Boy Meets World' album.  He really held it down on stage.  It's a shame that everyone had such a short amount of time to perform. 


At some point during the day, I took a short break to go get a drink and I ran into Grind Time battle rapper Soul Khan.  It was weird seeing him outside of his "I can beat any battle rapper...any time...any where." mode.  He's a real laid back guy and he even smiled for his picture.  I still wouldn't challenge him to a rap battle.  Hell, most people who do shouldn't.

Soul Khan

I had a really good time.  I cut out a little early to go cover another event but I got to see and talk to some great people.  The homie Pack FM was there for a guest spot with Those Chosen.  Mr. Mecca berated me for not smiling enough.  I caught Hip-Hop pioneer Marley Marl walking around with his son/upcoming producer M. Will the Shogun.  Craig G was hanging out backstage.  Curren$y and Trademark were in the house.  It was just overflowing with talent.  A great mix of old and new schools.  The crowd was into the whole experience and the brief rain couldn't change their mood.  I'm definitely looking forward to next years Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival.

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