Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rooftop Party

If you've never witnessed a sunset from a Brooklyn rooftop, do so as soon as possible.  It's one of the most beautiful of NY's simple pleasures.

I met up with my good friend Sheron after the BK Hip-Hop festival and we hit up a great rooftop BBQ party.  I met some really good people and though I was already pretty tired, they helped me pull my energy back up.  The food was on point as I was I hungry as hell anyway and Sean put me on to "Brooklyn Fizz" to wash it all down.  I don't know exactly what "Brooklyn Fizz" is but I do know that Absolut Brooklyn is involved as well as a splash of Sprite and lots of limes.  It's serious.  Trust me on that.


Jump over to my Flickr to view some post sunset pics.

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jason said...

Looked like yall had a lot of fun!!!