Monday, July 19, 2010

YC the Cynic - Summertime High

YC the Cynic is one of my favorite artists on the underground scene right now.  His level of mastery of the art form is shocking when you realize that he isn't even 20 years of age yet.  It's almost as if he's been here before.  He has an uncanny ability to invoke images, ideas and feelings of a time before his time.  On his mixtape 'You're Welcome' he takes us back to the "Golden Era" of Hip-Hop like he lived it as Russell Simmons.  Yes, I know Russell is still alive.  That's how crazy it is.

This new track "Summertime High" just hit the web as a free download.  The song is taken from his forthcoming album 'The Spectacle'.  There is no firm release date set at the moment, but you can trust to keep you abreast of the situation.  Put this in your summertime BBQ playlist immediately.  If you really want to go to a different time and place: Sit on a stoop at high noon, eat an icee and play this track on a boombox.

<a href="">Summertime High by YC The Cynic</a>

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