Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kevin Durant at House of Hoops 2

With the World Basketball Festival still raging in New York, there are events happening all over to promote the basketball lifestyle.  One of the most important tools for any baller is his/her sneakers.  Nike is synonymous with top quality footwear and are now promoting their new Hyperfuse shoe.  It's advanced fusion construction process eliminates traditional stitching techniques allowing for a new level of lightweight and breathable shoes.

NBA Superstar Kevin Durant stopped by briefly to talk about the shoe as well as to encourage local youth to follow their hoop dreams.  The children were given free Hyperfuse t-shirts and a few lucky individuals won Foot Locker gift cards or Kevin Durant t-shirts.  They were super excited to be so up close and personal with such a big star.  I was truly moved when I overheard a young boy, no older than age 4, have this dialog with his mother:

Boy: "Mommy, who is that?"
Mom: "It's Kevin Durant.  He's an NBA player.  He's plays basketball on TV."
Boy: *Stares in amazement for a moment*
Boy: "Is he going to play with me?"

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