Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camp Lo and Stalley at Santos

Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg and legendary producer Ski Beatz of DD172 have teamed up to launch a new Monday night event called "Bridging the Gap".  Last night was the first run of the event, headlined by Camp Lo (The Lo) and Stalley.

Though the show didn't kick off until much later than expected, it was a great time and both acts brought the noise.  Stalley even brought out Curren$y to perform "Address".

I was personally most excited to see The Lo.  I've never seen them perform live before so it was surreal to hear them perform Uptown Saturday Night classics "Krystal Karrington", "Black Connection", "Black Nostaljack", "Rockin' It" and, of course, "Luchini".  I was thrown back to '99 and the time in my life when I didn't know much about anything but I did know good music.  Even then I knew that Camp Lo was entirely singular and they still are now.

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