Friday, August 20, 2010

Olivia "Show the World" with VH1

Olivia is back and making her own way.  Regardless of what detractors may say about her fallout with her previous label, Olivia is determined to prove them wrong.  She signed a new deal with a new label (Universal) and she wants to show the world that she is a bonafide R&B singer.

The invite only event was covered by VH1 as part of her reality TV series forthcoming on the network.  Details of the show have not been revealed yet but it's not hard to imagine what the premise is.  Olivia performed several songs from the new album and I was overall very impressed with the music.  She performed a great mix of uptempo songs and ballads.

The New York native was moved to tears by the end of the evening.  She was overwhelmed at the support she was shown from friends, family, industry personnel and sponsors.  Sponsor Nano Tech 210 even capped the performance by presenting Olivia a custom diamond encrusted watch from their sport collection.

Here are some notable faces from the red carpet and crowd that came out to support Olivia....

Shaun Ross

Toccara Jones

James A. Smith

Rick Steel

Amanda Diva

Free and Toccara

DJ Webstar and Kyah

Delynx Watson (l.)

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