Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beyond the Rack

There's a newcomer in the internet private shopping arena and I like it.  If Gilt is still too expensive for you there's a much more reasonable alternative for you at Beyond the Rack.  In the same fashion as Gilt and Ideeli, you register (completely free) to access brand clothing, shoes, accessories, home furnishings and more at significant discounts from retail prices.  You still need an invite for this one, so click the link above to join instantly.

How significant is significant, you ask?  Gucci eyewear that retails at $299 for $139.  Hugo Boss suits that retail for $895 for $499.  Great deals on high end gear.  Bring it down to brands like Five Four, Levi's, Monarchy etc. and you have get some really good deals.  There's something for everyone as the site carries Men's, Women's and Children's items.

Also like the other sites, you will find most items listed on a limited time basis.  If you don't act quickly on that item you love, you will run out of time or they will run out of stock; whichever comes first.  It's always nice to have options if you dig clothing the way I do.  Beyond the Rack is looking really good so far and I can imagine that it will only get better.

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