Monday, September 27, 2010

The Ultimate "Flaker"

In the sneaker community buying selling and trading happens probably every minute of every day.  Just like in any business, there are people who love to "shop" with no money.  It is a serious offense to say you're going to buy something and then back out of the deal in the sneaker world.  You'll be labeled a "flaker" and people won't want to deal with you.  That wouldn't seem like such a big deal normally.  However, often times the shoes that people are clamoring for are very limited in numbers.  If nobody wants to deal with you, you can end up missing out on limited items or paying significantly higher premiums.

What happens when you take that same idea and upgrade the product to....let's say.....a Bugatti Veyron?

At a recent Barret Jackson auto auction some jackass bid $700,000 on car he could not or would not buy.  When the bidding closed the offender was reported as saying that he didn't actually intend to bid on the car and that he was only trying to "help".  You what!?

This fiasco raises so many questions:

How in the hell do you "accidentally" bid 700 grand?
Why are you schill bidding at one of the most notable auto auctions in the world? 
What the hell is a Veyron doing on the block at Barret Jackson?
Why did this car barely make it to 700,000? 

The CEO of the auto auction stepped up and said he'd purchase the car himself to minimize the embarrassment to the company.  Fortunately, a bidder on the phone stepped in and purchased the car instead.  The "flaker" was quickly escorted off the premises and I'm pretty sure he'll be banned from attending any future auctions.  Serves him right.

I wish I had 700 large to blow on a car.  That's a steal considering this car sells at over a million dollars easily!


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