Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bilal - "Little One"

In this era of kiddie-pop tunes, R&B/Rap hybrids and auto-tuned-to-death songs, it is always refreshing to hear artists that JUST "sang".  Beyond that, it's even more rare to hear words as powerful and soul stirring as those in Bilal's "Little One".  The song and short film tell the story of a family that learns their son has Autism. 

The artist himself has a son that has been diagnosed with Autism. The quick facts that trail the video state that 1 in 110 children are Autistic.  The number jumps to 1 in 70 for boys specifically.  Those are pretty scary numbers.  I am the proud parent of a 10 year old boy and I remember worrying very much about developmental disorders, diseases, etc.  I was nearly broken when doctors cautioned us that we might have some issues and performed an amniocentesis.  Thankfully, we were clear and have a happy and healthy young man.

The issue still hits very close to home as my sister has severe ADHD and at 21 years of age, she's developmentally no older than 15.  My mother has struggled for years to keep her in the best schools and programs to help her along.  We are very happy that this year she is finally moving into an adult living situation. 

Ladies (and some dudes too), grab a tissue as if you can really relate to this one, you will be moved.

VIDEO PREMIERE // Bilal "Little One" from Centric TV on Vimeo.

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