Monday, April 18, 2011

Soope for Azad Watches


Azad watches announced their "Legends of the Game" series late last month.  This promo song by Indiana's Soope the Roadrunner precedes the official launch of the limited edition watches.  These luxurious time pieces will be honoring Hip-Hop legend Rev. Run, NBA Hall of Famer Julius "Dr. J" Erving and international DJ Alex Sensation.  The line will include other notable figures not yet named.

Soope has been on a rampage in the last year and this power move is emphatic testament to his marketability.  An insider at Azad watches says this video is not the finalized version.  Soope and his team are working on an official video, she says.  I'll update you as soon as it's available.

The watches range in price from a reasonable $800 up to the $100k range, depending on choice and number of stones and watch style. The 3 year old company has seen it's watches on the wrists of countless athletes, musicians and other celebrities. Jump over to their website to view the hotlist.  Selected styles below the video....

Images via the Azad watches facebook page.

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