Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beyond This Point - "Mama Said"

I'm always pleasantly surprised by BTP releases. With "Mama Said" the band takes listeners into the vein of Gorillaz, Tricky and even Terence Trent D'Arby with this soupy sound set. Lead singer Switch's lyrics move perfectly over the drum and bass as the eerie Kill Bill-ish whistle pulls everything into focus.

Beyond This Point is a band that continually stretches it's boundaries. This track is unlike anything I've heard from them before but at the same time it's exactly where I'd expect them to be. Evolving. The coda on this song is absolutely phenomenal and really showcases how the band composes complete thoughts and not just 4 to 8 bar loops and simple melodies. It's really fine work that any true music fan will appreciate.

"Mama Said" is the first of what is reported to be a series of weekly releases on the band's new blog Insanity's A Gift. While there have been countless weekly releases from major and indie artists, this set I will be looking forward to more than any other!

Let's. Get. Loud! 'Cause Mama said so.


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